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Business Coaching Services – The “BIG 3″ Expectations

Business coaching services bring many advantages to the female entrepreneur who implements the strategies and understands the benefits. With any havoc that an under performing business can cast to every female entrepreneur there is, the lack of branding, marketing and planning is a big no-no. You are an entrepreneur who wants nothing more than entice more clients and rake in greater success in a business that is a product of your sweat and blood. Business coaching services can help you double, if not triple your business growth within a year or so. Expect to learn 3 of the major business coaching services that no mentor, relative or friend can impart to you as effectively as coaches could.

Branding. This encompasses the name, sign, design, term or symbol that is designed to allow the differentiation of goods or services between one business and the next. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that branding is about convincing your prospects to choose you over your competition. Rather, a process of getting your target market to see you as the only business that can provide them with their needs and solutions to their problems.

A good brand confirms your credibility, delivers your message clearly, connects with your target prospects emotionally, motivates your buyers and cements customer loyalty. It is crucial that female entrepreneurs cultivate a strong personal brand to establish and cement the desired perception that you want your target market to have of you. Only when you do this will you build enduring, highly successful and symbiotic relationships with your target market.

More often than not, branding proves to be one of the most challenging processes in any business, hence the need of a good business coach. The challenge remains, “dare to be your own brand”.

Marketing is one of the most crucial processes that breathes air into your business. It is one of the business coaching services that female entrepreneurs must learn. Marketing is not just about selling; it involves a profound understanding of your key audience and looking for ways to provide the services or products that they demand.

It is dynamic and involves several disciplines (i.e. public relations, sales, pricing, distribution and sales. It, therefore, permeates all areas of your enterprise. To simplify marketing, if business is a relationship between a man and a woman and the art of persuading one person to leave his lover, then marketing is all about looking for the right person to do the persuasion.

As a vital part of business coaching services, entrepreneurs will receive personalized one-on-one marketing coaching. It includes all aspects of managing and effective implementation of the marketing plan. Working with a business coach with a proven system is the best way to plan and implement a strategy that works.

Planning. No one should ever start a business without a comprehensive business plan. A business plan serves as your blueprint as it helps you create clearly defined goals, needs, calculated risks and steps that you need to perform to help your business establish a solid footing in the industry.

As one of the primary business coaching services, it helps your business go far more smoothly. By planning your business from the ground up, it eliminates risky business maneuvers, undefined and ambiguous business strategies that could thwart the success of your new business.

A business coach will help you design a winning business plan that would include specific and important elements such as: the name of your business, a clear and concise description of your business, a business operation plan, how to advertise your business, a complete assessment of your competitors, target market analysis, potential financial expenses and more. All the early strategic planning will help you circumvent possible business failures.

These are the big 3 business coaching services that you should expect to avail under a good business coach. Keep in mind that having your own business is not a walk in the park and utmost care and planning is a must.

7 Ways to Improve Your Business That Cost No Money

It is the norm for Small businesses, startup, new ventures to struggle due to limited financial resources. There are so many efforts that can improve your business and produce results that are little or no cost. We all want results, but at what cost? Did that $1000 investment or expense produce $10 results?

Part of my profession as a business broker involves consulting with both buyers and seller of business. I also provide consulting services to businesses outside my role as a business broker in Florida. Rarely do I experience a discussion based upon “I have too much cash flow to deal with”. Small business owner and entrepreneurs are constantly seeking ways to improve their businesses with limited resources. Below are a list of several tactics and efforts a small business owner may take that cost little or no money and therefore the Return on Investment ( ROI) is extremely high. There are many other practices and efforts that can be utilized outside of the below short list, hopefully this list can change the line of thinking of a business owner from “I wish I could do something but I don’t have the money” to:

“what can I do to improve my business with limited or no money”-

1. Look at your company from the perspective of a customer. Can you do that?, can you pretend you are a customer trying to do business with your company. You send an inquiry via email, you place a call into your company- what happens?. We all have dealt with companies that customer service seems more like “How to effectively get a customer off the phone” instead of ” I wont let you hang up the phone until I know I have completely helped you to fulfillment” IS it a pleasant experience to do business with your business?

2. Attempt to surround yourself with more beneficial synergistic strategic partners-

As a business broker in Florida I have various strategic partners that allow me to best assist my clients. These professionals include, Attorneys, Accountants, bankers and Financial people. I am relocating to a city 5 hours from where I am and am in the process in developing a new “team” that I can rely on. I researched banks that do a lot of SBA loans to small business, migrated through the company website, found a point of contact that I had an interest in meeting with, sent an email, and got an email back saying “going on vacation back in 2 weeks, call me then”. I proceeded to pursue a relationship with someone that would call me back., passed over this prospective strategic partner and found someone that I feel will develop into a mutually beneficial business relationship. My clients will benefit from my valued strategic partners.

3. Use the Internet more

  • post a blog- how much does that cost?
  • post a tweet about a sale, a special or event- We’ve all heard/read that this can be a good idea- just do it.
  • check out a site such as and see if someone can do something for you for $5. Are there other sites that facilitate low cost solutions? Can you afford to make a $5 error?
  • Try something you haven’t tried- a video, guest blogging, join more related forums or user groups, start a group.

4. Educate yourself- take some time out of your day to read other related blogs info on your industry or specific area of focus. Commit yourself to learn your own financials better than you presently do. Again the ROI on your time invested in this can be quite high.

5. Go to a network meeting- there are several available in most communities that are either free or cost a couple bucks. How much could you benefit from making that “right contact”.

6. Consider a Freelancer- Are there some functions/task that you currently are having performed that may be done more cost effectively through an outside source such as a free lancer. Open your mind to it.

7. Treat all customers, prospects, employees, vendors with respect and integrity- The ROI on this no cost effort is immense

Dont ever stop trying something different. I have utilized the above items in my various business ventures throughout the years and still utilize them on a regular basis. If you are running a business, buying a business, or growing a business these low and no cost business practices will result in very good return on investment and usually all it takes to get these returns is to consider them and just do them.

Five Ways to Get Business Start-Up Funding

Getting start-up capital can be a challenging process as your business prepares to take its first small steps. No matter how great of a business idea you have in order to turn that idea into reality by launching your business you will need business financing.

How do you go about getting the money you need to start-up your business? There are a lot of ways to get the capital you need for your business and you only limited by limits of your own creativity. But here are five ways to help you get business funding to help you business get your business started:

1. A Personal Loan: If you have fairly good credit you can probably get a personal loan to get your business up and going. Many small businesses have been started with personal loans. But it might not be a good idea to tell them that you will use the loan to start a business because they might send you to their business loan department.

2. Family and Friends: You make be able to borrow the money you need for your business from your family and friends, or you can give them an equity stake in your business. And you should be business like in your dealings with them by providing a copy of your business plan and putting everything in writing.

3. Credit Cards: If you have or can obtain several credit cards you can get a cash advance on them then use the money to start your business. So if you have, for example, three credit cards with a line of credit of $10,000 each you could quickly raise $30,000 for your business to get it up and rolling fast. However, before you use credit cards be sure that you can earn enough profits to maintain the payments until you can pay them off.

4. SBA Micro Loans: A micro loan is a loan where the SBA provides loan money to intermediary nonprofit agencies such as Community Development Agencies and similar kinds of agencies which are in every community. These nonprofits then make these loans to deserving businesses in their respective communities. You can borrow $5,000 to $35,000 with the micron loan program, and it is well worth checking into to see if you can qualify which should not be too hard to do if you have a fairly decent credit rating.

5. Angel Investors: Angel investors are individuals with large amounts of excess capital that they love to invest in promising business ideas, which will make them even more money. An angel investment is an equity share in your business, so before you approach angel investors know how much you are willing to give up, and have a good business plan.

With a good business idea and a good business plan you can get the money you need to get your small business operations off to a good start. These five ways that we covered are just some of the many ways to finance your business start-up, of course, there are many more ways.

But the key point here is that whatever way you decide to fund the first few steps of your business it can be done successfully, and the only limits you have are the limits of your own creativity which is unlimited. Now use this article to help you get the capital you need to turn your great business idea into a profit making machine.